Please join the PTSA for the 2022-23 school year. PTA is the largest child advocacy organization in the US. Please help us grow our membership to greater than 500,000 Texans. This will help us advocate for Texas students, families and schools at the local, state and national level.

$ 5 student/ $10 adult

Thanks to all the members and volunteers that helped us to achieve Good Standing with Texas PTA last year


October 5 @ 7pm: Special PTSA Meeting

Zoom Presentation by the AISD Bond Panel and then a vote by the PTSA about whether to support the bond.

Register here (coming soon) ahead of time we will email you the Zoom link once you sign up and again the day before. For information on the Bond click here.

Sunday Oct 23 @ 3pm: Trustee Forum at LASA Library

We have invited all the candidates to come and speak with the communities of LASA, KEALING and Lively. This is chance to show the candidates how active and engaged our communities are.

Those elected to govern impact all aspects of public education.

PTA Votes.

Ensures that the voices of Texas students are heard, and that the state’s education system is given needed support to help make every child’s potential a reality. PTA Votes. aims to provide unbiased information so Texas voters can make informed decisions and support leaders who champion public education.

Mark Your Calendar

  • October 11: Voter Registration Deadline

  • October 24 - November 4: Early Voting by Personal Appearance

  • October 28: Ballot by Mail Application Deadline

  • November 8: General Election Day

Voting Resources

Become informed before heading to the polls.

Support PTAVotes.

Texas voters will determine the future of our country. Want to do your part? Help us encourage Texans to learn more about the importance of voting and the issues that affect schools and students by speaking out and using the hashtag #PTAVotes on social media.

Please join us in us in volunteering for LASA PTSA

PFLASA and LASA PTSA have teamed up to do great things for the LASA Community. PFLASA will focus inwards and LASA PTSA will focus outwards with the core goals of advocacy and parent engagement. We will also do core programing that is only available to PTA, eg. Reflections, Texas PTA Connect Programs, Share the Love, Rally Day, gathering of the Austin ISD High School PTSA Presidents, and others. We communicate with our neighbors, trustees and coordinate the Memorial Day event with the community.

We would love to have your help even if it is only for 2 hours of your time. Please indicate your interest in our form here.

We also need an ACPTA Reps to attend the ACPTA meetings,our executive board and membership meetings.

If you have any questions, please contact Jayne @


Notes from the Backpack Podcast

English Podcast | Spanish Podcast

  • Teacher Talk Miniseries: The Teacher Burnout Crisis - experienced educator and activist Sofia Gonzalez shares her thoughts on teacher burnout and how systemic changes could make teaching a more sustainable profession

  • Do my child's test score really matter ?

  • Why Aren't There More Black Teachers?

  • Our Culture is More than a Holiday

  • ¿Está su Hijo Recibiendo los Servicios que Necesita?

  • Lo que necesitas saber para apoyar la educacion de sus hijos

  • Entendiendo los Conceptos Básicos de las Finanzas Escolares

  • Apoyando a los niños pequeños durante COVID-19

  • El Plus - Las Finanzas Escolares Durante COVID-19

  • De Regreso a la Escuela con el CDC

  • Introducción a Las Redes Sociales y el Cyberbullying

National PTA " Our Children" online magazine articles are also in Spanish

Register ahead of time here and we will email you the link when you register and the night before the meeting in an email.



Every child's potential is a reality


To make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children


Why is the PTA important, and how does it work to make a difference? PTA...

...Educates parents and families and it helps us support the education of our children.

...Improves schools in ways that are important to families.

...Creates community in our schools and in our neighborhoods.

...Supports teachers and other employees who support our children.

...Gives families power on your campus and helps parents speak with one voice about important topics.

...Gives you a voice in the government, about laws and policies that impact children.

...Shows our students that we value education.

...Helps families learn new skills that they can use in everyday life.

...Creates friendships with other families.

...IS FUN!